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We are honored to invite you to the World Titanium Conference 2027, hosted in the vibrant city of Berlin.

Following the success of our previous congress in 2023, this event promises to build on the established tradition of bringing together a global community of experts, industry leaders, and innovative thinkers.

The conference will provide a dynamic platform for exploring the latest advancements in titanium technology, applications, and sustainability practices. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in fruitful discussions, share insights, and collaborate on new projects to drive forward the titanium industry.

Berlin, with its rich history and modernity, serves as the perfect backdrop for fostering discussions on the future of titanium. The city's innovation-driven environment will surely inspire and energize the dialogue amongst our diverse group of attendees.

We look forward to the exchange of knowledge, forging new connections, and collectively advancing the titanium industry during this unique gathering.

Join us for an enlightening and inspiring experience at the World Titanium Conference 2027 in Berlin!



The World Titanium Conference, a prestigious event in the realm of materials science and engineering, aims at fostering the global advancement of titanium applications and technology. Its roots trace back to a dedicated community of professionals committed to exploring the potential of titanium in modern industries.

Every edition of the conference is a reflection of the current trends, challenges, and opportunities facing the titanium industry. The 2027 congress in Berlin will particularly emphasize sustainability, innovation, and the role of titanium in emerging markets.

With a roster of eminent speakers, interactive sessions, and ample networking opportunities, the World Titanium Conference 2027 is set to provide a comprehensive overview and stimulate meaningful advancements in the world of titanium.

  • Carsten Siemers

    TU Braunschweig
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing.

    Christoph Leyens

    Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS Dresden

Titan 2027
12 - 17 September 2027 | Hybrid Conference in Berlin (Germany) & Online

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